If at first you fail, hit it with your head again

What are the odds of that?  Not good you say?  Right you are random reader.  


NES on the iPhone

This project is still in the beginning phase, but looks VERY cool.

Misheard Lyrics

These things are freaking hilarious, and by far the best one's are from Pearl Jam cause you have no idea what Eddie is saying anyway.

Yellow Ledbetter Black Even Flow And a Fall Out Boy video that was a favorite around here... ALSO INTO CATS!!!

911 Calls

So it's been a while since we posted. We've been working on a new site design, and really just working on other things besides this here blog. Our one faithful (read: bored) reader is bugging the shit out of me to do some updates so here you go...

These people have no idea what 911 is meant to be for. I think these people should be billed out the ass for calling an emergency line for dumbass reasons. It is funny though.


New bachlor party prank...Blue Midget

This has to be right up there with the best bachelor party pranks ever.

...here's the deal... the group hired a midget (little person) for the trip (personally, I didn't know you could hire a midget but I guess you can get anything these days), painted him blue, and then handcuffed him to the bachelor. They were locked together for 4 days... non-stop. They ate together, slept together, showered together and hit the bathroom together. Considering it was a bachelor party they may have done some other things to together. I don't know.



iPhone visual voicemail feature

Here's a spoof on the iPhone's new visual voicemail feature which let's you listen to messages in any order you want to.

What really happened to Kurt Cobain

Anyone who followed the investigation into Kurt Cobain's alleged suicide already knows most of this. For those that don't here is a good article on why many believe Kurt's death was not a suicide.

FTA: Kurt apparently had 3 times the lethal 225 mgs dose of heroin (1.52 mgs per liter) in his blood system and intravenous puncture marks in both arms. Medical experts will tell you that such an amount, when injected directly into the bloodstream will leave you incapacitated and cause you to lapse into a coma within seconds, if not kill you instantly before the needle can even be removed from your arm. It's common for deaths of heroin overdoses to be found with the needle still sticking out of the arm. That's how quickly one lethal dose can kill a person, let alone three.

More FTA: It's hard to believe that Cobain injected himself with an insane triple lethal dose of heroin, pulled the needle out of his arm, carefully put away that needle and the heroin paraphernalia neatly back into a cigar box a few feet away, rolled down and button his sleeves, then picked up a Remington 20-gauge shotgun, placed it in his mouth and discharged it.

That's only the tip of the iceberg. How about the part where they couldn't find any fingerprints on the gun he used, the shell box next to him or the pen he supposedly used to write his suicide note.

There are many reasons why those close to Kurt don't believe he took his own life.



How real men play golf

Stroudsburg Area Regional Police are investigating complaints of a private golf outing featuring lap dance stations, threesomes and naked women at the Cherry Valley Golf Course on Monday.

Umm... yeah, check out the video after the story and feel ashamed of yourself that you haven't had the balls to do this.


How not to commit crime

You know, it's hard for some people who are down on their luck to get by. And although I never think people should turn to crime, I can see why some would. These people however should not. You can see more of them here.


[OSF] Effects of Drugs on Spider's Webs

A great study about the effects of various drugs (caffeine, marijuana, crack, and more) on spiders and their spiderwebs. Seriously though, in the 60's there was a study on the effects of various drugs on a spider's web making abilities. It's pretty interesting...read about it on [CaffeineWeb]

Best. Thesis. Ever.

So you're sitting there playing pong on your Atari 2600 thinking about how much the controller sucks. You could move up to a more modern console, or you could think outside the box as Jennifer from New York University did.

For her demo, Chowdhury made a video of herself and a partner playing Pong. He stands behind her with his hands near her shoulders, and she reaches back toward his hips. When he touches her left breast, the paddle moves to the left. The sensor in the right bra cup moves the Pong paddle to the right.

Let me break this down...

Playstation 3 wireless controller < Boobs

Xbox 360 wireless controller < Boobs

Wii motion sensoring controller < Boobs

That's how I'd score it anyway.



Drunk Redneck Women Falling Down

I was going to save this and post it with a "drunk people" collection, but this is great by itself and I just couldn't wait. There's nothing funnier than a drunk person doing a faceplant, and this video has a LOT of those.



What's the greatest and best thing on the internet today you ask? Well that would be this advertisment.


Bob Dylan is a genius

Here's a fact you may not know, Bob Dylan wrote every hit song in the past 35 years. Don't believe me? Here's the proof. I just keep thinking about Dylan sitting there in '66 pickin' rump shaker on his old 6 string.


Remembering Chris Farley

I was just browsing around youtube this morning and came across some old Chris Farley clips. It's hard to believe it will be 10 years since he died in December. I can honestly say that he's by far the best physical comedian I've ever seen. Here's a few clips to bring back some memories. Matt Foley Clips Some Dancing Clips Impressions Fat guy in a little coat Outtakes And one I hadn't seen before playing Christian Laettner in the best play that ever was.